BAAD Public Programme

June 11th – 17th 2018

The opening night of any degree show is a momentous occasion, but what about the rest of the week? We (BA Art & Design(BAAAD)) present: BAAAD PROGRAMME – a week packed with engaging and immersive activities within the School of Art.





Discussions over lunch!

Interactive tours of the degree show!

We’ve got everything covered.


We have activities for children and those who are young at heart, as well as socially engaging discussions and activities for the grown ups.


Our workshops are artist-led and inspired by the Art & Design degree show. You can drop in for a short time or spend all afternoon making your own masterpiece. All work made has the chance to be exhibited in the degree show at the end of the week!


With free education at the core of all of these events we hope you’ll learn something new every day.



BAAAD PROGRAMME is part of the BAAAD Annual, 2018

Documentary on ‘Comfort Women’
Behind the Scenes (Documentation)
Childhood films/photos (staff)
Lunch/panel discussion
-Send a message to space – what would you want to tell extra-terrestrials about planet Earth?
-Make a local flag – if Moseley could fly its own flag what would it look like? Digbeth? Ladywood? Edgbaston? Aston? Longbridge?
-Create a time capsule
-Exquisite Corpse – Build a drawing piece my piece in response to questions: The perfect art student? The worst art student? The perfect man? The worst man?
-Future ancient pot – if a pot were discovered in 3018 with images depicting the culture of 2018 what would it look like?
-Tshirt/tote bags making afternoon
-Crochet with Michelle?
-Origami with X (taught by Ella first)
-Airdrying clay workshop
-Calligraphy session with Izabel and Gabi ft. Fadhila and Z doing arabic
-Henna workshop with Z
-Tile painting
-Make a dress out of plastic with Tru – with fashion show at the end
-Bybit does art therapy
-Cupcake decorating in response to exhibition
-Zine making with Beth Nicol – Make a zine in an hour.
-Building furniture with junk (competition)
-Tour of the degree show/artist talks
-Scavenger Hunt/Artwork Bingo


Comprehensive Plan:

  • Condense our workshop list
  • Find out who we need to speak to about space for workshops – Steve? Social Space, G04 & G05
  • Allocate space within the exhibition to display a poster with info on the programme for opening night, and then use that space to display work made during the programme
  • Liase with Publication team once they have their plan for the colour scheme and begin formatting the schedule
  • Booked through Eventbrite
  • Marketed on everything



Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Tshirt/tote bags making afternoon with Amy & Faye

Four staff:

1 printing, one using heat press, one supervising attendees, one ferrying between

Done in G04/5 with heat press staying in the workshop

12 places (possible 15)

Zine/book making with Beth Nicol, Gareth & Ken – Make a zine in an hour.

1 hour – thursday?

Paper, scissors, pens, photocopying

10 places – potential for 20

Make a dress out of plastic with Tru – with fashion show at the end (Wed 13th June)


Common room with use of the stairs for the fashion show

10 places – Suitable for all ages


Bybit does art therapy (Thursday)

2 x 1 hour sessions

Scissors, tape and felt tips

10 places


Lunch with Fadhila combined with panel discussion and screening (Thursday or Saturday) (Depending on the moon)

12.00 Length of screening

Work out what food we’re allowed

Social space – use of projector and screen for documentary

Tables for lunch

15 places – Β£3


Calligraphy session with Izabel and Gabi ft. Fadhila and Z doing arabic (Wed)

11.00 1 Hour

Calligraphy paper,

15 places


Crochet with Michelle & Fadhila (Wed)

14.00 2 hours

Previous experience – Michelle 5 places

Beginner – Fadhila 5 places

Could swap for clay


Future ancient pot w/ Daisy & Beth (Thurs & Fri)

1 hour

1 adults session – 11am Thurs

1 kids session – 11am Friday