Filming Day Prep

This morning I borrowed the Canon C100, along with two prime lenses at 35mm & 50mm and a standard zoom lens which I’m fairly certain I won’t need but kept anyway just in case. I’ve had an induction with Luke where he went through all the functions of the camera and as I explained what it was that I’m planning to film he was able to help me with certain function buttons that’ll help me record the best footage possible.

Notes so far:

-Shutter speed needs to be x2 the frame rate otherwise the image will be ‘juddery’ and not smooth

-Peaking & Zebra functions will help me ensure the footage isn’t overexposed.

-ND filters are built in and it’s always good practice to make sure they’re not already on and to make sure they’re off when I’m done.

-Check audio input settings are correct otherwise I could end up with no audio.

-Shoot in cinema for the best quality.

-Plug it into the mains while I’m shooting to avoid battery worries.

-Leave at least half an hour at the end of filming before returning the equipment to transfer all the files.

-Make sure to transfer the Private folder too as this holds invisible data I’ll need.


I’ve scoured the building in search of an appropriate tray to film the pots in, as it made no sense to shoot through the low quality glass of the tank I bought for the performance of the work. Stuart located a nifty beige tray down in the casting room so I’ve borrowed that and cleaned it up.

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