Making Notes

  • One of the molds isn’t releasing the forms as easily, one portion of the plaster is a slightly different texture, I’ll need to sand that section down with some glass paper if it gets any worse.
  • One form takes about half an hour to make, and so far I’ve made 33 with two molds and several failures. The molds can’t be used too much, as once they’re too wet they don’t release the forms anymore. I’ve found two to three hours is enough time to work with the molds before they become too wet to continue using. At the start of the new semester I’ll book with Claire to make a few more molds in order to speed up the process, reducing the overall amount of water introduced into the original two molds.
  • The slip machine is still producing fairly watery slip, which isn’t necessarily a problem for the size I’m working with, but it is a problem considering how many forms I need to continue making, as this means there’s more water being absorbed into the plaster. Claire was recycling a lot of clay today so hopefully the mixture will be denser soon.

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