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So after thinking more about how I can progress with my piece I decided I’d speak with Steve about giving the work a temporary home somewhere in the building, where I can add to the work over a period of time and keep it going. I didn’t like the idea of it stopping just because the public show had ended.

We discussed various locations, I decided I’d want it somewhere fairly prominent with a decent amount of light. Steve offered the concourse but I always feel like that space is visually very busy and can sometimes be a bit dark. We discussed placing it near another memorial – I remembered that I’d seen a war memorial in the school and Steve agreed it would work there.


I assessed what I’d need to include in a risk assessment since it was a public area and spoke with Steve and Christina to make sure I’d not missed anything.


With Beth’s help I moved the work over to it’s new location. Currently it’s sat on a dark wooden table, but I feel I may adjust this as it is very dark. I like the size of the table, and the fact that it has no corners as this eliminated some of the risks of the tank being knocked. Moving the tank meant that the sediment at the bottom moved around a lot and the water went really cloudy, next time I move it I’ll try and use something with wheels.


Alternative location:

I’m considering moving the tank to this small ledge by the library, as it’s well lit and doesn’t have fire evacuation procedure posters behind it but I’ll trial it by the MA office first.


Next Steps:

-Work on some form of publication to give the work more context

-Make title signage

-Remove bits of paint from the table 🙁

-Make more pots to add to the work every Wednesday at noon (this joins the Wednesday Demonstrations)

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