Reworking Display

Problems with current display:

– Terribly lit

– Work is in front of an emergency evacuation procedure poster

– Work sits on a poorly chosen table:

  • too low
  • too big for the work
  • strange shape
  • covered in paint marks & other blemishes


How can these things be resolved?

– Look at moving the work to solve the lighting issue as well as solve the problem of the emergency evacuation procedure poster.

Potential new locations

  • The concourse
  • Another hallway – Will need to look around this week
  • Opposite its current location on the small ledge next to the door

Construct my own table/plinth/stand for the work to sit on and get rid of the current table.


As the themes of my work revolve around recounting an almost lost period of history I feel it’s important to reflect that in researching appropriate methods of display.



The above were taken in the National Museum of Korea, affectionately known amongst tourists as the Museum of Pots for it’s vast collection of traditional Korean pottery on display as a method of storytelling through their history.

The display methods used throughout the museum were simple and effective, the lighting used was hard and utilised spotlights, something I feel sets the wrong kind of tone for my work. The use of minimal display cases was something I really enjoyed and would like to continue to incorporate with my own work. They serve a purpose while being the least distracting.


Above is an image taken in the Museum of Sexual Slavery by the Japanese Military, located in South Korea. On the left shows a military currency used to purchase time with ‘comfort women’. On the right is a condom used by the Japanese military when they raped the women in comfort stations.

The display cases used were surprisingly shoddy; the cases were poorly lit, taking a photo of them was difficult as the display was situated in a corner right in front of a poorly angled spotlight. The glass cases were quite badly scratched up and the one on the left had a bluer tint to it, possibly due to the glass being slightly thicker. The display tickets as you can see in the image were yellowed and discoloured. Additionally, the small bright pink dehumidifier at the back of the glass case was strange and distracting.

The most interesting part of the exhibition was the used condom, something that gave a lot more context to the stories of the women mentioned throughout the exhibition and it was disheartening to see it so poorly displayed.

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