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I began working on building a display system for my tank, as after the WIP show I felt it was appropriate to find a better way of displaying it than on the OSB plinths we made as a group. This turned into a really strange disaster due to restrictions on which metalworks equipment I was able to use.

I worked with Andrew Lacon to design a framework using box section. Measuring the base of the tank and using this as my guide for how wide the base would be I then worked out how to get as much height as possible out of the leftover box section I was allowed to have from the workshops (I had asked for some to be ordered for me but it never arrived). After this was all measured out I went to get it cut, discovering that a clamp on one of the machines was broken which meant I wasn’t allowed to operate it and instead had to leave it with a technician. After it was cut down I was then faced with the issue of acquiring access to the welding facilities, as the workshop had problems with extraction.

After lots of conversations with technicians I was told to order some plastic connectors as it seemed the extraction issue wasn’t going to be resolved. I wasn’t able to afford eight three way connectors so I salvaged four two way connectors from a structure leftover from a previous exhibition and waited for the other three way connectors to arrive. Once they arrived I assembled my frame and realised the connectors had added several inches onto the dimensions of the frame, rendering it useless for the tank. Additionally, the connectors gave the frame a really unappealing look, and reminded me too much of window display systems.

I went back to Andrew for production support and came up with a new plan, after finding out I could potentially weld over at Parkside. The new plan was to cut each corner at a 45 degree angle and spot weld each corner in order to get a more flush, refined edge. We went back to the metal workshop to work out what I was able to do and were faced with further issues due to the broken clamp on the metal cutter. We did, however, potentially have access to welding which was promising to hear, however were told it hadn’t been properly tested yet.

In the end, with the worry that I was focussing my energy on the wrong thing I agreed to abandon the display frame idea for now in order to focus on slip casting as many of my pots as possible, as since the WIP show I’d used almost 60 and didn’t have many left.

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