The Image and The Witness: Trauma, Memory & Visual Culture

I soon realised that this book wasn’t so much about witness of trauma and testimony, and more about how images represent trauma they have ‘witnessed’. After looking for through the collection of essays I looked online and found further discussion on the book and came across this:

For all our reliance on images, we never quite believe in their revelations. Despite the privilege given to the authority and presence of the image, it is, after all, just an image, a picture. It might be manipulated, biased in perspective: it does not fully reveal the truth of what it claims to represent.

Vertigo Volume 3 | Issue 8 | Winter 2008


Revealing the truth has been a key theme within my work. Considering the idea that image can never truly represent truth is interesting. In terms of my display I’m keen to not hide the projector, now that I’m better understanding the implications of ‘revealing’ it. If I hid the means by which I transmit my film it doesn’t feel honest. And additionally, it shows that there’s no trickery behind the truth I’m revealing.

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