Projection Film Install

With Zunaira’s help I installed my projection film, starting with the 360 degree sample. I needed to break the surface tension of the film so I sprayed the acrylic with some soapy water and then we placed the film on top, starting at the middle. Then using a squeegee I got rid of as many air bubbles as possible. It’s left it overnight to completely dry out before fixing the acrylic sheet to the MDF board.

After it had dried I used epoxy resin on each corner to fix it to the MDF. Once the resin was dry I tested a small section of footage and noticed a few air bubbles which wouldn’t shift with a squeegee. I didn’t want to try and install my spare film, as if that went wrong I’d be left with no options so I worked on a plan to cover the worst of the bubbles, which thankfully were mainly around the edges.

Using my footage I marked off where the edges of my film would be so I didn’t overlap and end up taping inside the cutout. I then measured out my carpet tape and tried to keep is as flush to the acrylic as possible. Once the tape was in place I covered it with gum tape, leaving the edges unstuck, as I felt this gave a cleaner finish.

Once I had my projection running and was able to see the work overall I was really pleased, considering the problems I was having with the projection film. The film sits flush with the cutout, and while the back has had to be ‘fixed’ due to the problems with the air bubbles it doesn’t feel like I’m trying to conceal anything to obviously.

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