Making Research

6105: Negotiated Practice


– Identify and critically engage with relevant research material.

– Analysis and synthesis of research into the successful development of individual project outcomes.

– Critical selection and application of appropriate methods/technical and production skills.

– Utilisation of suitable sources/materials.

– Contribution to knowledge and debates in the subject area, including the limitations of the Major Project and potential future development.

– Execution of the Major Project; organisation, clarity of presentation, consistency with conventions of the discipline.


Key Dates Semester 1  (25/9/17 – 26/1/18)

Wed/Thurs 18/19 Oct: Formative Assessment: Footnotes Presentations.

Wed/Thurs 17/18 Jan: Project proposal and Risk Assessment.

Thurs 25 Jan: Formative Assessment deadline and Work in Progress Public Show.

Friday 26 Jan: Formative Assessment crit.

Tuesday 30 Jan: Work in Progress Public Show

Key Dates Semester 2  (5/2/18-1/6/18)

Dates TBC: Formative assessments, Project proposal

Wed 18 April: Risk Assessment deadline

Thursday 10 May: Last day of Workshops

Thursday 31: May 12 noon final hand-in deadline

Monday 11: June Show Opens and week of events



– An edited blog that evidences critically relevant research material. This should evidence a deeper understanding of your enquiry from the first formative assessment and show evidence of self-development drawn from the on-going feedback from staff and peers.

– Analysis and synthesis of your research into a range of physical prototypes. The physical prototypes or piece (to date) should reflect the level of fabrication you wish to achieve and resolved most of your production challenges at this point. They should be able to stand alone as exhibition pieces.

– A completed project proposal that reflects your project and practice. This written piece should show a deep understanding of your research and production processes.

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