Wednesday Demonstrations


Since 1992 protestors young and old have gathered outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul every single Wednesday at noon to draw international attention to Japan’s World War II sex slavery in occupied Asia, and is currently the world’s longest running protest.

Amongst the protestors are former ‘comfort women’, who have continued to fight for their demands of the Japanese government:

  1. Admit the forcible drafting of the Japanese military ‘comfort women’
  2. Apologise officially
  3. Reveal the truth about the crime
  4. Erect memorials for the victims
  5. Pay restitution to the victims or their families
  6. Teach the truth about this so it does not happen again
  7. Punish the war criminals

Images of protestors used in the Museum of Sexual Slavery by Japanese Military. (Visited July 20th, 2017)


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