Most of my time over the last few weeks has been spent editing the footage in the editing suite. It’s difficult to present the kind of work I’ve been doing, but essentially it’s been many, many hours staring at the footage to eliminate things like the camera wobbling, aspect ratio issues and colour grading.

Colour grading has been necessary on one of the sections of footage as I was using two C100 mk1’s (front and side) and one C100 mk2 (top) which wouldn’t set exactly the same as the other two mki cameras. The tones within the footage from the mk2 are a lot more purple, whereas the mk1’s come out a little yellow. Correcting them by eye has been really tricky as looking at it for too long makes it difficult to see the colours properly. I’ve had to work on it in small sections, making sure I look back on it with fresh eyes where possible.

Alongside that I’ve been building my final films, editing them in a way that keeps them interesting and dynamic. I tried to avoid making it too chopping, but also didn’t want any sections to be too long. I think I’ve watched it all the way through a total of five times at it’s current length of two hours.

Thinking about the length of the film and now I wanted to keep it as long as possible I realised I needed to begin exploring the idea of ‘cooking’ up the footage to see if it could be made shorter but in a way that wasn’t noticeable. I cut out extended periods where nothing seemed to be happening to the clay, with particular focus on the end of the film where everything is very waterlogged but not crumbling. The footage from the Jib Arm (shot down) helped cover up any cuts that were further along and overall I felt it was very successful. The new short version of the film finishes at around 38 minutes long, which while being still fairly long gives the audience the chance to see a lot in a small amount of time. One of the issues with the film remaining in real time at over two hours long was that if someone came along and saw only five minutes of it its likely they’d catch 5 minutes where nothing was happening and the work might not have as much of an impact. Whereas 5 minutes of a 38 minute long film is a reasonable chunk and they’d definitely see things happening.

My next steps will be to export both lengths of the film after I’ve masked off the top and corrected the aspect ratio so that it fits within the cut out on my wall, and check to see if my colour grading needs more work under the conditions the room will be in for the degree show.

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