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Originally when I looked for back/rear projection film I did a general search and found myself looking at materials I didn’t understand and spec sheets that made no sense, additionally reviews I could find seem to suggest what I was searching for wouldn’t stay up for long periods of time and obviously I need to make sure it sticks to the acrylic for nearly 3 weeks.

I went back to Ana and asked for her priceless advice 💖



I started with ProDisplay, but their website had no prices. I double checked with Ana and she said she’d expect it to be about £30 for a couple of sheets, so I fired off an email to ProDisplay. This was the response and I died a little bit inside:

After picking my jaw off the floor I looked into contacting 10outof10 instead, ringing their London branch to work out if they could help me. They explained they had back projection vinyl and for £30 I could get a couple of sheets of dual projection screen, which would mean I could view the film from both sides. I asked for an email with all these details in so I could show it to Ana:

For obvious reasons I was concerned I’d misunderstood either Ana or the specifications given to me by 10outof10 and the ones on the ProDisplay’s website, so I went back to Ana and asked for her advice before committing to anything. She too was surprised at the difference in price and eventually worked out that 10outof10 only had the kind of screen you stretch over a frame, not the kind of adhesive film you ‘float’ onto acrylic panels. So that ruled 10outof10 out, which was disheartening because I was keen not to spend a fortune and ProDisplay seemed like my only option. Ana offered to phone ProDisplay herself to work out if it was in fact the correct kind of material and managed to work her magic and get them to post me two sample sizes (a4) of both their dual 360 degree film and standard rear projection film for free! Very happy and relieved, as finding out a bit of projection film could cost me over £300 after VAT and postage was not how I wanted to start my week.


All Hail Ana Rutter 👑



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