Plaster Mold Attempt

After being unable to get into the ceramics studio for any technical help I asked if I could do anything in the mean time so that when I was able to book with a technician it wouldn’t take as long. I booked a session with Gay to make a plaster mold of my form.

I decided I wanted to create something from a set of traditional Korean soju cups I bought while I was in South Korea. Their significance in relation to my research centres mainly around how delicate they are, but how they’re used over and over again. While Korea was under Japanese rule there was a strong emphasis on eradicating traditional Korean culture among citizens. Using a Korean ceramic form speaks of identity and tradition.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to successfully create a plaster mold using the method Gay showed me. A vacuum formed inside the mold and I wasn’t able to remove the ceramic piece from the mold without breaking it, so I had to cut the plaster away.

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