Editing & Display

Since the workshops close on May 10th I need to make sure I manage my time well and really utilise the editing suite as much as possible. I’ve booked out a computer until that date, and Ana has spoken to me about a contingency plan just in case it takes me a little longer than that. I have a total of nine hours of footage so far, and essentially all of that footage needs to be viewed in case there are small things I need to fix. My plan over the next two weeks is to dedicate each day to working through 20 minutes of footage from each of the cameras (totalling an hour of footage each day). I believe the last 40 minutes of footage could be cut, as I set the shoot time to be a minimum of 3 hours but the pots seemed to disintegrate faster than the last time I filmed. I’ll start by looking through the last hour of footage to make sure that’s achievable – when I skimmed through it after I had finished shooting it I didn’t notice any kind of change to the mounds of remnants at the end but I wanted to make sure I had enough footage at the end so that the film doesn’t just end suddenly like the first time I shot with the C100.

The files are huge, totalling at almost 100GB in their raw format. When I come close to exporting the film as its final version I’ll need to make sure I can either leave it overnight or begin really early in the morning. I need to speak to Ana about the best option, as the final film could total as large as 60GB.

I’ll also need to look into buying a USB stick that’s a more suitable size or a fast SD card. Additionally, I might need to purchase my own media player, as currently the AV department aren’t able to accommodate all the requests they’ve had so far.  Given that I’m not doing anything complicated like splitting audio, or anything other than just using the media player to play my media, buying my own wouldn’t cost too much:

I’ll find out sometime next week if this will be necessary so I’m keeping my eye on a few on Amazon in case there are any deals that come up.

Projection Stand

After the stressful build of the box section display after the WIP show I was hesitant to make something for the degree show that would rely heavily on having access to welding as I wasn’t even sure if it was operational. After submitting my display plans with the long rectangular plinth idea and the ‘window’ in the wall plan it was decided that the idea of a big clunky plinth would take away from the simplicity of the work. I thought I’d just build a simple tall plinth for the projector until Andrew Lacon suggested I look at Stuart’s Spike Island show. The projector stands used in his show were a lot simpler than ones I’d seen around the building and worked well to serve their function.

After speaking with tutors it was agreed that it was more appropriate to use AV furniture for AV equipment. Initially I was worried it would look messy, and I think it’s because I associate projector stands with institutions, however it makes sense to use one in this work, as the work isn’t the projector, it’s the projection. I just have to come to terms with the fact that seeing the projector won’t take away from the work, in fact it might add to it. Seeing how the projection is projected reveals something, and as the film is looking to reveal the histories of women’s voices being ignored it seems appropriate.

Stuart said he’d locate the two being borrowed and check to see if they’re in good shape, and viola! The best of the two is still a bit scuffed up but I’ll paint it black where necessary.

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