Thursday’s Filming (Final Piece)

Third time lucky ft. studio accident @ 1:13

I don’t want to start every post during this period by outlining how stressful it all is, but maybe this is the most stressful so far?

I’m trying to remain positive and remember that this could be a blessing in disguise. I realised while I was reframing that I had a chance to really make sure it was perfect. I had the benefit of trying this a total of three times now so rather than rushing through it I could really refine it. I did my best and after reviewing the footage I’m pleased I had that deep breath moment where I could take my time. I ended up stationed outside the studio doors for the entirety of the filming as I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving the room. It was interesting being so protective of the work considering its themes. It felt like worthy effort not just because it was my final piece for the degree show, but because I really want it to speak of things that are not spoken about and bring things to light.

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