Motivation has been a huge issue since the camera was stolen last week. I didn’t think I’d feel like this, and it’s been difficult trying to push through it. Having my work taken away from me at such a crucial time was always going to feel terrible, and talking to tutors about it has made it easier to get back into it all.

I spoke with Linda Matti, who helped me with my dissertation writing, and she suggested exploring my own reflections. While I don’t want to rehash the actual event I think it’s important to reflect on the positives, despite feeling like its an impossible task finding any positives.

  1. I can reshoot and I’ve rebooked the studio between other bookings.
  2. I have the support of the technicians and they have been unbelievably helpful and kind during all of this.
  3. I still have enough time to make the work exactly how I wanted to make it. I don’t have to settle with what’s left.
  4. This is a good lesson in working practice, and despite not being to blame for what happened it’s helped me understand how valuable the work I’m doing is to me, and how important it is that I protect it in future.
  5. Everything will be fine.
  6. Everything will be fine.
  7. Everything will be fine.
  8. Everything will be fine.
  9. Everything will be fine.
  10. Everything will be fine.

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